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3 months ago

Obama used pseudonym in emails with Clinton

President Obama used a pseudonym in emails to Hillary ClintonHillary Rodham ClintonPAC ad compares Clinton to Nixon Michelle Obama, Biden, Bill Clinton to hit post-debate campaign trail Trump mocks Clinton over cancelled Charlotte plans MORE, documents from the FBI released Friday show.


The FBI released a large batch documents related to its investigation into Clintons private email server Friday afternoon. The files include notes from interviews with several top Clinton aides, including longtime adviser Huma Abedin.The FBI said in its notes from an Abedin interviewthat the address on a Clinton email chain is believed to be a pseudonym used by the President."

Abedin said she didnt recognize the name and expressed her amazement that Obama used a pseudonym.

The FBI said she exclaimed: How is this not classified?

She reportedly asked if she could have a copy of the email.

Abedin also told the FBI that Clintons team had to inform the White House that she was changing her email address so that the president could receive messages from her.

5 months ago

Donald Trump Walks Back His Muslim Ban -- Again - Huffington Post

Donald Trump's campaign spokeswoman on Monday revised the presumptive Republican nominee's proposed ban on Muslims entering the U.S.for the second time in three days, saying Trump is dropping the word "Muslim" from the policy and focusing on immigrants from "terrorist nations."

"It doesn't matter where you're coming from, except for fact that the terrorist nations, which is something he is adding to this policy to make it more clear, that if you are coming from a hostile nation and you can not be vetted, absolutely you should not come into this country," Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson said on CNN.

The change to Trump's proposed ban on Muslims is the second since Saturday, when the campaign said Trump no longer supports a blanket ban on all Muslim immigrants, and wants to single out Muslims from "terror states." Trump told reporters he "would be fine" with Muslims from Scotland, for example.

Pierson's comments show a further shift in the policy, removing all mention of Muslims. Pierson,however, insisted that removing "Muslim" wasn't a revision.

Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson: The ban was never against ALL Muslims

The Situation Room (@CNNSitRoom) June 27, 2016

"There has been no change. Mr. Trump still wants to stop individuals from coming into the country who cannot be vetted," Pierson said.

Trump in December proposed atotal and complete shutdown on Muslim immigration, in response to a terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California.He reiterated the proposal following this month's gun massacre in Orlando, Florida, and advocated a complete immigration ban from countries with a history of terrorism against the United States.


As is typical with Trump's policy proposals, it's unclear what the revision means and whether he will stick by it. When pressed by CNN's Brianna Keilar on Monday, Pierson did not elaborate on details of the policy, and didn't specify which countries the ban would include.

"Mr. Trump is going to be refining his policy, putting out more specific details, which everyone has been asking for, but there has been no change," Pierson said.

Keilar repeatedly asked Pierson if, by de-emphasizing Muslims,the revised immigration policy's standards would apply equally to Christian immigrants, for example. Pierson dodged the question.

"If you are coming into this country and you cannot be vetted, then you should not be allowed in until you can be vetted," Pierson said. "It's not rocket science."

Editorsnote:Donald Trump regularlyincites political violenceand is aserial liar,rampant xenophobe,racist,misogynistandbirtherwho has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims 1.6 billion members of an entire religion from entering the U.S.

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8 months ago

Deadly earthquake strikes Japan, collapsing houses - CBS News

Last Updated Apr 14, 2016 12:02 PM EDT

TOKYO-- At least two people were killed and 45 injured by a magnitude-6.5 earthquake that knocked down houses and buckled roads in southern Japan on Thursday night.

Both victims are from the hardest-hit town of Mashiki, about 9 miles east of Kumamoto city on the island of Kyushu, said Kumamoto prefecture disaster management official Takayuki Matsushita.

Earlier, Japanese Red Cross Kumamoto Hospital said it had admitted or treated 45 people, including five with serious injuries.

The quake struck at 9:26 p.m. at a depth of 7 miles near Kumamoto city on the island of Kyushu, the Japan Meteorological Agency said. There was no tsunami risk.

"The shaking was so violent I couldn't stand still," said Hironobu Kosaki, a Kumamoto Prefectural Police night-duty official.

Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said at least 19 houses collapsed, and hundreds of calls came in reporting building damage and people buried under debris or trapped inside.

"Because of the night darkness, the extent of damage is still unclear," he said.

The damage and calls for help are concentrated in the town of Mashiki, about 800 miles southwest of Tokyo, Japan's Fire and Disaster Management Agency said

One of the victims in Mashiki died after being pulled from some rubble, and the other was killed in a fire, Matsushita said. A third person rescued from under a collapsed building is in a state of heart and lung failure.

Matsushita said rescue operations were repeatedly disrupted by aftershocks.

"There was a ka-boom and the whole house shook violently sideways," Takahiko Morita, a Mashiki resident said in a telephone interview with Japanese broadcaster NHK. "Furniture and bookshelves fell down, and books were all over the floor."

Morita said some houses and walls collapsed in his neighborhood, and water supply had been cut off.

Dozens of people evacuated their homes and gathered outside Mashiki town hall, sitting on tarps well after midnight. Some wrapped blankets around their shoulders against the springtime chill.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told reporters that the government has mobilized police, firefighters and self-defense troops for the rescue operation.

"We'll carry out relief operation through the night," he said.

Suga said there no abnormalities at nearby nuclear facilities. The epicenter was 74 miles northeast of Kyushu Electric Power Co.'s Sendai nuclear plant, the only one operating in the country.

Following the quake, some high-speed trains were halted as a precaution, Reuters reported.

Most of Japan's nuclear reactors remain offline following the meltdowns at the Tokyo Electric Power Co.'s Fukushima plant in 2011 after a magnitude 9.0 earthquake triggered a huge tsunami.

Television footage showed fires breaking out in some places, with firefighters battling an orange blaze.

Keisukei Urata, an official in nearby Uki city who was driving home when the quake struck, told NHK that parts of the ceiling at Uki City Hall collapsed, windows broke and cabinets fell to the ground.

Kasumi Nakamura, an official in the village of Nishihara, said that the rattling started modestly and grew violent, lasting about 30 seconds.

"Papers, files, flower vases and everything fell on the floor," he told NHK.

There were multiple aftershocks, the largest one with a preliminary magnitude of 6.4 shortly after midnight, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency.

The U.S. Geological Survey measured the initial quake's preliminary magnitude at 6.2. It upgraded its damage assessment to red, meaning extensive damage is probable and the disaster likely widespread.

M6.0 earthquake strikes 8.0 km SSE of Tamana, Japan - Tell us here:

USGS (@USGS) April 14, 2016

Footage from an NHK bureau in the area showed books, files and papers raining down to the floor. One employee appeared to have fallen off a chair, while others slid under their desks to protect their heads.

1 year ago

San Bernardino shooting investigated as 'act of terrorism' - CNN

Story highlights Late Friday, a UPS driver noticed that a package being delivered was addressed to Farook's townhouseSeveral pieces of evidence pushed authorities to launch a terror probe, an FBI official saysThe FBI says the couple crushed cell phones in an attempt to destroy "digital fingerprints"Late Friday, a UPS driver noticed that a package being delivered was addressed to Farook's townhouse and turned around to return it to a distribution facility, San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan said in a tweet. The package was held in isolation, and the sheriff's office deployed bomb technicians to inspect the package out of an abundance of caution.

[Previous story, published Frida

1 year ago

CPD to expand body camera program for officers - Chicago Tribune

Following days of protests after the release of the video showing the fatal police shooting of a Chicago teen, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago police Superintendent Garry McCarthy announced Sunday that police officers will wear body cameras in six additional police districts by mid-2016.

"Equipping every officer with a wearable camera device allows us to harness the power of technology to better serve the people of Chicago," McCarthy said in a statement Sunday. "In addition to protecting police officers and citizens, cameras have been shown to reduce citizen complaints against police and are great tools for evidence gathering and training as they allow us to learn from actual encounters with the public."

After testing body cameras in one district for nearly 11 months, the city will announce the six police districts where officers will wear body cameras "in the coming days." The Chicago Police Department will be buying the cameras, which can record up to 72 hours on a single charge in high definition, in February. The new cameras can also double as in-vehicle recording devices.

"Improving public safety and making Chicago a safer city has been one of my highest priorities," Emanuel said in a statement. "Expanding this successful program into one-third of the city will help enhance transparency and credibility as well as strengthen the fabric of trust that is vital between police and the community."

The program is expected to be funded with a $1.1 million grant from the U.S. Department of Justice and $1.1 million in matching funds from the city. CPD also has applied for state grants to assist with camera purchases, storage, maintenance, upload stations and other program-related costs.

The expanded body-worn camera program will include automatic equipment upgrades every 30 months to ensure officers have the best technology available.

Since January, the Shakespeare District, which encompasses Logan Square, Bucktown and Wicker Park, as well as parts of Avondale and Humboldt Park, has tested 30 body cameras on routine calls for service, investigative stops, traffic stops, emergency vehicle responses and evidence collection. So far, police have recorded more than 4,600 videos totaling more than 745 hours, according to the city.

In the past, McCarthy has pointed to research which shows that citizen complaints dropped by as much as 80 percent for some police departments using body cameras.

The push for police departments to test body cameras has been a renewed endeavor in the wake of a number of high-profile, police-involved shootings. The most recent case to garner national attention is the shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald in October 2014. Last week, the city released a police vehicle's dash-cam video showing Officer Jason Van Dyke shooting the teen. The video's release came on the same day Van Dyke was charged with first-degree murder in connection with the shooting.


1 year ago

Switzerland Bans Sales Of Some VW Diesels

New Volkswagen CEO Matthias Mueller poses with Berthold Huber (third from right) acting head of the Supervisory board of Volkswagen, Stephan Weil (second from right) Prime Minister of Lower Saxony and member of the Supervisory board, Wolfgang Porsche (right) member of Supervisory board and Bernd Osterloh (left) head of Volkwagen's works council, at VW's headquarters in Germany on Friday. Fabian Bimmer/Reuters/Landov hide caption

itoggle caption Fabian Bimmer/Reuters/Landov New Volkswagen CEO Matthias Mueller poses with Berthold Huber (third from right) acting head of the Supervisory board of Volkswagen, Stephan Weil (second from right) Prime Minister of Lower Saxony and member of the Supervisory board, Wolfgang Porsche (right) member of Supervisory board and Bernd Osterloh (left) head of Volkwagen's works council, at VW's headquarters in Germany on Friday. New Volkswagen CEO Matthias Mueller poses with Berthold Huber (third from right) acting head of the Supervisory board of Volkswagen, Stephan Weil (second from right) Prime Minister of Lower Saxony and member of the Supervisory board, Wolfgang Porsche (right) member of Supervisory board and Bernd Osterloh (left) head of Volkwagen's works council, at VW's headquarters in Germany on Friday.

Fabian Bimmer/Reuters/Landov

Switzerland has announced that it will temporarily halt the sale of Volkswagen diesel-engine vehicles after it was revealed earlier this month that the automaker cheated on emissions tests.

Thomas Rohrbach, spokesman for the Swiss federal office of roadways, is quoted by The Associated Press as saying that "the ban is on all cars with diesel engines in the 'euro 5' emissions category. It includes all VW models as well as Seat, Skodas and others in the VW group."

The BBC says that could affect 180,000 unsold cars in the country that have 1.2-liter, 1.6-liter and 2-liter diesel engines.

The news follows developments on Friday that included the appointment of a new CEO, Matthias Mueller, and announcements in Germany that emissions tests on 2.8 million VWs in the country had been rigged. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency also said it was tightening its testing procedures.